Sub-contracting / OEM:

With the technical support of our partners we have developed various range of products and spare parts who give us now a complete range.
Sanitary and Valves

We have developed for our industrial partners (majors actors) complete ranges of valves and components.
In Brass, Bronze or others material, with or without surface treatment we are making all kind of OEM components.


Mechanical and welded parts
Every week we are shipping one 40’ containers of sub-contracted product of mechanical and welded parts.
We are working the steel (galvanized or painted), aluminums, wires, our know-how in mechanics and welding is covering all type of materials and products.

One container of mechanical pars shipped per week

Wire Items

Mechanical Units

Plumbing – Fittings
We have developped complete ranges of fittings in copper, bronze and brass.We are shipping over 1 million fittings per month.

The copper fittings range.

The bronze fittings range.

The brass fittings rangte.

With the years we have developed a strong know-how in metallurgy. Cast Iron, Steel, Bronze, we are covering the complete range of casting items.


Aluminum profil

You want to make plastic Mould or even plastic pars in China, we are in a position to answer to your needs.