A technical expertise

With over 90% of industrial customers, SERENCO-SANJAY has developed a recognized know-how in quality controls of mechanical components for industrials.
With our different workshops and factories associates and partners, we have now able to supply all kind of metal parts:

  • Mechanical components in steel (welded, punched, bended, painted, galvanized or raw).
  • Casting (Bronze, Brass, Cast Iron)
  • Extrusion (Aluminum)
  • Injection (Zinc Allow, Aluminum, Plastic).
  • Plumbing, Fittings
  • Sanitary parts & components.
  • Metallurgy
  • Machining
  • Metrology
Professional Team

Located in Ningbo (Zhejiang) our Sino-European team (all employed) is made by

        • Controllers: Our controllers are all employed by SERENCO-SANJAY, they are regularly trained in order to update their technique, procedure, methods and efficiency.

  • Engineers, Designers: Position to design any products with Computer Aided Design softwares; SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD (2D & 3D).

  • Buyers: Having the Imp/Exp license, purchases are directly made in RMB and sales in Foreign Currency.

  • Logisticians: In 2015, over 500 shipments (containers or partials) have been organized.

SERENCO-SANJAY operates in accordance to the International Business Standards. And communicate in English, French and German languages.

Commercial Relays

Affiliate offices are located in the Europe (France - Hollande), Canada and New-Zealand. This network allows us a very good communication and necessary with our customer partners.

Experience in Industrial international Business

The founders of Serenco-Sanjay are having over 20 years experience in International commercial and industrial business.  This all over the world (European Union, East European Countries, Asia-Pacific, Middle-east).
Sales volume in 2015 has achieved an amount over 10 million US$. Europe 80%, Asia Pacific 15%, United States 5%.


SERENCO-SANJAY is working in complete transparency with our partners, who are continuously informed about the real progress and situation of the workshops.

Any SERENCO-SANJAY offices and workshops can be visited and audit anytime with or without any pre-advice.