A strong technical and western management and know-how
Jean-Pascal STEICHEN co-founder is engineer, graduate from the University of Münster in Germany. Section: Thermodynamics & Energy.
John ZHANG co-founder is doctor in Physics, graduate from the Zhejiang University Normal Jin Hua. 

An industrial business model:
90% of our customers are industrials, this give us a technical and precise approach of the projects that we are working on.

A permanent innovation and investment program:
Aware of the importance of the evolution of our company, we regularly invest in new control tools (we have for the most of them), and training.
Our team has been "Internal Auditor Qualification Certificate ISO 9001".

Chinese associates:
Having Chinese partners to work with Chinese factories is a success key factor, to be able to approach the problems with both eyes, Western and Chinese.
We propose you Chinese prices with Western organization and quality.

Our workshops:
SERENCO-SANJAY is now working with 10 workshops, having 10 technical Know-Hows.
Those workshops allow us now to produce all kind of metal components with all kind of technology.
Bronze, Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Zinc Allow, copper,…
In 2017, it’s over 500 persons, producing our products.

The license:
SERENCO-SANJAY owns its own Import & Export license, this give us more flexibility and an optimized financial approach working without middle company.

A team:
Our team as been build step by step since many years, and is now completely reliable and durable.
As our controllers, our logistics, buyers, or are all other employees, regularly trained to western working methods.
This professional and competent team is also a key factor of success SERENCO-SANJAY.

A strong and stable company:
With 17 years existence, we invest regularly. In building (are the owner of our 400m² office in Ningbo), but also in equipment and machines.