We set up a assembling line to produce Gaz Regulator for one if our Industrial European partner. Currently, over 40.000 items are produced every months.
2017 is also the year when we successfully passed a European Certificationfor one of our range of fittings. SERENCO-SANJAY is the first having this certification in China for this range.
In our constant improvement policy, SERENCO-SANJAY team have been certified "Internal Auditor Qualification Certificate ISO 9001".
SERENCO-SANJAY has set up a warehouse 10km south of Ningbo. Today, this warehouse allows us to keep a safety stock of components for some of our historical customers. Despite the point that this warehouse allows us a better reactivity to supply our customers, its also give us the possibility to make any necessary corrective actions required by the customers.
With 20 employees SERENCO-SANJAY pass the cap of 10 Mio USD turn over.
BRF-SANJAY became SERENCO-SANJAY; specialist in Services, Engineering and Controls.
BRF-SANJAY relocated its Ningbo Headquarter office in downtown Ningbo city. And with new upgrades of equipment the team (18 people) is perfectly equipped for quality production.
BRF-SANJAY opened its GuangZhou representative office, allowing to work with factories based in Southern China.
SANJAY obtained the Import & Export license, and increased its capital to 1.5 million RMB.
Ningbo Sanjay Import/Export Company Limited was created with the possibility to negotiate in RMB directly.
Sanjay and BluRedFlag (HK) joint to creat BRF-SANJAY, starting specialized Quality Control and consulting services. The company reached to 10 employees.
Sanjay won its first business contract in Japan and produced a turn-over of 1 million USD.
Three friends JOHN, JOHN and JEAN-PASCAL decided to associate and to open a company specializing in subcontracting for western industrial partners. Sanjay (Three J) was born, Sanjay Ningbo and Sanjay New-Zeland were opened.