3 Major Goals

1. Sub-contracting (OEM), and Engineering
Our well known of the industrial Chinese networks, has given us the possibility to set up partnerships and association with different factories and workshops in China (mostly in Zhejiang).
We are working with them to develop and produce various spare parts and components for European Industrials.

We are working in accordance to the procedures ISO 9001-2008, where each step is precisely defined:
- Technical feasibility Study.
- Financial feasibility study
- Development and prototyping. .
- Sampling.
- Production.
- Control during production and/or before shipment
- Production acceptation
- Logistic organization.

With our different workshops we are present now in all kind of metal work:
Bronze Casting, Brass Machining, Copper Fittings, Steel Wires Work, Aluminum extrusion, Zinc Allow injection, Stainless Steel Casting and Machining, Cast Iron Casting, Dip Galvanization, Surface treatment, Steel work (bending, welding, etc…).

2. Services& Consulting
You are looking for technical translators, assistants, drivers, our team is at your disposal.
You want to open your own purchasing, quality control office, representative offices, SERENCO-SANJAY will give you the best support. 
We will manage the recruitments, we will hired the candidate, rent your office, and put at your disposal your complete office.
Your office will be ready very quick without any administrative headaches.

Industrial implantations:
- Partner’s research.
- Contact with the competent authorities.
- Help on negotiation. Our associate partner the lawyer firm BH &Associés, will give you a substantial help.
- Redaction of partnership agreement, negotiations with the related authorities.

Commercial implantations:
- Market survey and study.
- Sales networks set up.
- Portage and support. 
Strong with 15 years experiences, and with our Import & Export license we are able to organize all kind of shipments from China to all over the world.

Base on precise technical specifications:
- Supplier research 
- Financial analyze.
- Establishment of sub-contracting agreements with the supplier.

You have one idea and would like to check the feasibility in China. SERENCO-SANJAY will give you the adapted support.
Our technician’s team is able to make for you the technical studies (drawings, prototyping, etc…) and to study the feasibility in our associate workshops.

3. Quality Controls and Audits
Quality Controls:
Base on technical specifications defined with our customers, we are making quality controls during the production and/or before shipment. (Conformity to drawings, performances, aspects, packaging)
A technical report is issued without delay after the control.

-Factories visits and evaluations.

- Certification and validation of factories know-how.
- Suppliers controls
- Competitors survey