SERENCO-SANJAY was established in 1999 through the union of two companies with complementary experiences. With a team made of Chinese, and European located in China, and commercial relays in Europe (France & Hollande), Canada, and New-Zealand.
SERENCO-SANJAY offers one of the most efficient ways to approach China, in terms OEM of buying or products selling.
The complementary of SERENCO-SANJAY allows us to bring you a complete technical and administrative analyze.


From China.

Sub-Contracting OEM
Strong of the support of 10 industrial partners we are producing components, for industrial customers.
In 2017, we are working all kind of Metal (ferrous or no-ferrous), with all kind of technologies.
In 2016 we produced over 8 Mio USD spare-parts and components in OEM for industrial partners.

You would like to work in China directly, but do not know how to proceed. SERENCO-SANJAY is the solution.
We set-up for you your office, we open for you your workshop, we employ your employee.
We are the way to work in China, without the Chinese administration’s problems.

Quality Control / Audit / Supplier Accreditation
Quality Control / Audit / Supplier Accreditation
Our team of 7 trained technicians (6 based in Ningbo), allows us to follow up into 5 shipments, daily.
SERENCO-SANJAY is now recognized for the industrial experience and has expanded Quality Controls all across China mainland (QingDao, Beijing, Harbin, etc...)

After more than 15 years, we are now able to produce all kind of industrial components, but we also can source for you’re the item you are searching.
Each research is based on precise technical specifications provided by customers.

In 2004, SANJAY Ningbo obtained the Import and Export license, which provides the possibility to buy directly in Chinese RMB and sell in any foreign currency.
We can also sell in RMB product that we buy in foreign currency.
In 2016 over 2 million US$ was exported on pure trade contracts.


To China.

Commercial and Marketing Actions
This experience of the Chinese market give to SERENCO-SANJAY the possibility to set up sales networks in China, as well as representing western companies who would like to enter the Chinese market.
We sell your products in China.

Industrial Implantations
A long industrial experience in China allows SERENCO-SANJAY to support our partners to set up factories, warehouses, workshops, or any required industrial facilities.
In 2017, we set up a line producing Gaz Regulators.

Support, Consulting, Services
The flexibility, allows SERENCO-SANJAY to provide with the best support to its partners.
You are looking for an office, employees or any kind of trade support, SERENCO-SANJAY is the solution. In 2016, we represent in China 4 European Industrial companies.